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2019 The Blood Of Rebirth

Drama .. Also Known As: The Blood of Rebirth See moreĀ». Titled "Blood of Rebirth" Toyoda's new film is based on a a medieval Japanese legend of a masseur named Oguri who frees a princess from the clutches of an.

9 Mar The Blood Of Rebirth Offscreen mini logo reviews fantasy drama Japan during the middle ages, a time when mysticism and dark. 14 Oct FNC THE BLOOD OF REBIRTH Review. [The latest from Japan's Toshiaki Toyoda has just had its world premiere as part of Montreal's. 16 Sep Since the beginning of May when we got our first look at Toshiaki Toyoda's next film The Blood of Rebirth. Now, thanks to the watchful eyes of.

10 Dec A masseur in Medieval Japan returns from the dead to settle scores with his nemesis in "Blood of Rebirth," a visually and aurally hypnotic.

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